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List of Faculty

Name Qualification Experience
Sagar DeshpandeM.PharmP'ceutical
Momin Aliya FirdousM.PharmP'ceutical
M.U.KakdeM.Pharmquality assurance
S.V.Arsul M.Pharmpharmaceutics
Anita KalaM.Pharmpharmaceutics
Vaishali PatilM.Pharmpharmaceutics
Sajok KalaM.Pharmpharmaceutics
Rekha GajreM.Pharmpharmaceutics
Suleman Shaikh M.Pharmpharmaceutics
Mohd.Khalil ullah M.PharmPharmacology
Mohd.Shoeb Quadri M.Pharmpharmaceutics
S.K.Mohiuddin M.Pharmpharmaceutics
A.R.Ware M.Pharmpharmaceutics
Neeta Bramhane M.Pharmpharmaceutics
Vipul BiradarI.TI.T